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How to get a cached version of a webpage in Firefox upon 404 Errors?

People who are using Google Chome will be familiar with the way how the browser will show you Google cached of the website when the website cannot be reached. Now you can us this feature via Firefox.

How to change bootscreen on Ubuntu 15.10

Have you ever felt tired on the orange screen with Ubuntu logo that appears when Ubuntu boots. Some may want to add some personal touch to it's looks.
It is easy to customize it. Here are few steps on How to change your boot screen through terminal.

How / Where to submit a feature request for Firefox

Submitting a Feature request for Firefox
There are many users who want to submit a feature request for Firefox browser. But sadly some don't know how to do it.

Here are the methods :

How to Install an APK in Droid4X ?

Though you can install apps and games on Droid4X  via the play store some may prefer to install it from their offline apk. If you want to install an APK in Droid4X follow these steps :

How to switch to root access mode in Droid4X?

While using Droid4X you will have faced situations where you will be need to switch to Root access mode.

This is a very easy process. Any here is a clear explanation.

Microsoft Services should be made globally available

I am using a Windows phone and a Windows 10 laptop. I live in India. I have noticed that a lot of Microsoft services are not present for all the countries and I could not understand why.